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Escortphonelist.com is a service based out of Pasto, Colombia which attempts to make your life safer and easier when trying to find an escort. I used to be an escort agency owner when I spent two years living abroad in the United States. I learned all of the tricks of the trade such as posting ads with fake pictures, fake ages then sending a 32 yr old, posting ads that make a girl look independent, upping the price, the "up to" 1 hour scam and more.

Escortphonelist.com attempts to allow you to see the whole picture without having to scour the internet looking for information on an escort before you decide to see her. You can see right through a lot of the tricks listed above because the way all the information is layed out for you. You can see all the ages the escort has used, her last seen location and all previous locations worked. Pictures are shown with duplicats removed enableing you to see if there is more than one girl or possibly an agency using the same phone number. If reviews are found for a escort a link will also be provided which is highly recomended.

If you find a posting that is abusive or illegal please report it here. Check out all the escorts in your area by starting here. Be safe and of course have fun.
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